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december 5 2023
fiona apple shrine... would yall believe it

november 15 2023
new button on the buttonwall and three new stamps on my about me page. sit through the whole slow and long marquee to see them (sorry if it randomly restarts). also gave in and added a webneko to the index. look at her

november 14 2023
added one new link to the graphics websites list, and one button. some real progress has been going on here recently /sarcasm....

november 9 2023
added three new links to the graphics websites list, and updated a button

november 9 2023
added one (1) new button to the buttonwall

october 31 2023
happy halloween! seperated the links and stuff into two pages, changed the gif on the 404 page

october 24 2023
another about me page finished, added like 7 more buttons 2 the buttonwall, moved the update log to the index, added a new plum favicon to all pages, and many minor index changes

hello & welcome to my little personal slice of the big fruity pie that is the world wide web. monchhichi is my home on the internet.
best viewed on desktop devices methinks


soon!! :P

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