about the webmaster of monchhichi!!

hello! i am sophia, the webmaster of monchhichi. im a leader of my micronation Bonesdale along with my dear friends. i spend most of my time thinking & pondering & surfing the web. i think i am a very curious & passionate person. there is not much to say. i hope my website helps you learn more about me!

my inch rests & hobbies are:

  • dolls: i love lalaloopsy, monchhichi, blythe, pinkie cooper, kewpie, and more... you can view my little collection here!
  • history: american presidents, westward expansion, art movements, anything 1870 to 1910; i also love geography in general & flags and license plates
  • neocities: i think working on my website here is one of my favorite hobbies. i love The Web Revival movement & have always been interested in programming in one way or another. :)
  • music: fiona apple, hozier, japanese breakfast, vashti bunyan, simon & garfunkel, and faye webster all come to me first as favorites, but i love tons of music & artists.
  • games: mainly i play the sims 4, chess, and solitaire, but also ive played minecraft, acnh, splatoon 2...
  • + photography, clowns, interior design, farm animals, movies & sitcoms & actors, coding, fashion, garfield...

links :p

  • email me!
  • tumblr me!
  • check out my other site: bonesdale (that's my country!)
  • my discord username is bonesdale

face reveal (i hope these images help you perceive me)

My Little Pony Personality Test!

my web babies (adoptables)(its just this one rn)

Name: Sophia
Alias: doll
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 14
Gender: like if a boy and a girl had a baby

tip: hover on painting to see more info & on blinkies/stamps to stop their marquee